Victory against Hostmaker!

We won!

For the last few weeks at Generation Rent, we’ve been taking on one of a new kind of corporate letting agents targetting the capital. This one, called Hostmaker, encourages landlords to pick them to manage their short, mid and long term lets promising them more than 30% rise in profits as a result.

We targetted them for two reasons.

1) Their ads are gross. Telling landlords to kick out long term tenants in favour of tourists


2) They are riding the line of what’s legal. In London, there is a 90-day cap on holiday lets, after that landlords have to seek planning permission to change their property. Hostmaker claims to mix “short and mid-term lets” but the trouble is midterm lets don’t exist!

And we weren’t the only ones who didn’t like the adverts, our petition quickly garnered over 8000 signatures and renters across London got creative…

On Friday we got a message letting us know that Hostmaker had told journalists they were taking down the ads. It would have been nice of them to tell us but ah well!

You can read more about the campaign on CityMetric:

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