What people have to say about me

I was blown away by what Georgie achieved during the 2017 snap election. She was not only integral to planning a hugely ambitious 6-week project at incredibly short notice, but also applied impeccable attention to detail with logistics and tactics, and brought strong leadership skills to setting up a pop-up office within days, and inspired an entirely new team of people – both paid and volunteers – to achieve incredible results. It is no exaggeration to say that you could feel the energy walking in to the new office, and the feedback from everyone involved, from Directors to volunteers, was glowing. She responded calmly and strategically to setbacks, and dealt sensitively with issues with the team when they arose, all within the context of a snap election when tensions were running high. There are very few people who could have done this well, and Georgie was one of them. – Rachel Diamond – Hunter, Head of Campaigns at 38 Degrees

Georgie is an impressive individual. She quickly caught on and become an indispensable member of our team. Her caliber is hard to come by here in the states. Together with our team of organizers, our program knocked on 68,000 doors and can be credited for flipping two counties for our candidates. Her mind is sharp, and she is very personable, which means she fits into any group. The short time we got to spend together left its mark on my life. She encouraged me to pursue politics as a career for myself. Rather than merely helping others run, she pushed me to run myself. This winter, I deduced to run for City Council and won! – Tristan Rader, City Councilman and Deputy State Director at Moveon.org

Georgie is a superb organiser that would be an asset to any organisation. She took on leadership of our national electoral organising campaign, in a context where the only support she had was from a voluntary Board of Directors. She displayed high levels of creativity, excellent networking skills, seamless work planning, a great grasp of tech and excellent management skills. In weeks she had an excellent website built, developed a comms infrastructure, led a successful crowd funder, built a team around her, and got us from development to launch. She displayed a highly nuanced grasp of team dynamics, political context, and strategy – all the things you need from strong leaders. I would recommend her to any campaigning  organisation. – Director at Campaign Together

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